But we all are, am I right? I am sorry for again taking two weeks to post. Also – I was gonna tell you that this was going to be a non-writing post, but then I remembered that it would end up as a writing related post. Oops.


For the past two weeks (April 1-15) I’ve been south of where I currently live. and I met some amazing people.

1. My co-wrter, Jami. It’s kinda of awesome that we wrote 220K words before we met. (She’s awesome, btw.)

2. My sister, Reanna. She moved away from me because she hates the rain. Not really, but I like to tell myself that’s the reason. (she’s also awesome.)

And then miscellaneous people – friends, family, dogs, etc. You get the idea. 


So, writing!

When I was with Jami we wrote almost every day for a few hours. And I think we got … over ten thousand words written while we were together. Not to mention a pretty darn good outline for this new story.  (Who knew outlining was actually helpful?) Since this book is basically a script format (dialogue and *action*) we write it over Facebook chat. We’re very sophisticated writers. We tried Google Docs, but since I’ve been home we’re back on Facebook chat instead. Maybe we’ll go back and forth. I’m not really sure. We’ll see.

Anyways. So we write it over Facebook chat, right? So the whole time we were writing this book, in person, we would write and then look at the other person (who was usually on Pinterest, Tumblr, or Youtube) and wait for a response. Sometimes we’d write back and forth really fast, other times we’d be zoning out looking at Fandom pictures or videos. (Sterek Forever). Not only did we get to see the other person’s reaction to certain lines or moments, but all of our author talk back and forth was out loud instead of (in parentheses).

Then there were the late night brainstorming sessions where we came up with a bunch of scene ideas.  And now that we’re apart again, we still have all these things we can write and we don’t have to just wing it. We actually have a plan. This is a first for us. In fact, it might be something we do more often with future projects together. It could be really helpful since we have at least … *counts* four books that demand a great story. 

Point of the thingy above: Being able to write and brainstorm in person with your co-writer is kind of amazing. If you, too, have a co-author that you love and love writing with – but they live far away – I recommend meeting them in person.


When I was with Reanna we died laughing once a night. When I say “died” I mean we laughed so hard we cried, and usually it was over nothing. We made brownies (normal brownies, just FYI) and then we made eye contact and just lost it. Also we made a cake and it broke, and for some reason that, too, was the funniest thing we’d heard all day. I got a good workout when I was with her, and I miss her already!

We explored some caves while I was down there, and they were gorgeous! (But I shan’t tell you where because I fear stalkers.) We took lots of pictures (sadly pictures didn’t turn out very good) and it was really cool! And it hit me that caves are really good as far as thinking about landscape goes. In fantasy books you want to have cool landscape and setting, but you want it to be kind of original and not modeled after an earthly place. If that makes sense. You don’t want to write a fantasy story (high fantasy, at least) in a place that feels and looks like the Grand Canyon. You want it to be different.


Doesn’t this look like some kind of magical kingdom where they breed dragons?

So when we were walking around the caves, I took pictures and looked at it like it could be a big plain, a mountain, a hideout, or ya know, a cave. It opened my eyes to the fact that we can interpret things in many ways. I never thought I could use caves for landscape ideas.

Point of the thingy above: use everything to hone your craft and expand the way you view the world. That isn’t just a cave, it’s the land where your civilization of elves lives to protect themselves from evil mermaids. Also, bake brownies and cake because both are amazing.






The Introverted Rebel





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